Why Should Choose Corian Temples for Your Home and Office?

Why Should Choose Corian Temples for Your Home and Office?

A mandir/Temple is a place of worship symbolic of the house of gods and goddesses. In Indian homes keeping a mandir or a space of God has been a tradition for centuries. It helps us keep our minds clear and get stability in life. In most homes, Diya is lit as a mark of reminding yourself that truth is where God is and light is where knowledge is. Traditional pooja room designs can be upped a notch from usual home decor accents to bring peace to both your mind and soul. Choosing the suitable material for your mandir according to your use is quintessential. Corian helps us play with shapes and lets us come up with endless design ideas.
Here’s why you should choose Corian Temples for your home:
Luxurious: Corian temples give an exquisite and high-end look to the space. The finish of the surface is like no other material, and it is very smooth, elevating the face of the room instantly. Most importantly, there are no joints, which makes it look very seamless. It also gives you the freedom to match the aesthetics of your house with your temple, a variety that no other material offers. It is also a perfect addition to office temples.
Lighting: Unlike traditional wooden or marble temples, Corian temples can be lit in different ways. Corian being translucent reflects lighter tones and produces a hot and pleasing effect on the eyes. Sheets are half engraved and light is passed through them, reflecting the designs. One can get particular shapes designed like Om or even any gods and goddesses. The design possibilities are endless.
Non-Porous: Being non-porous or not letting liquids enter through it makes Corian a perfect material for temples. Also, stains like that of Sandal and vermillion powder, commonly used in Indian temples, are easy to clean. Thus, It is also considered a hygienic surface temple.

Corian Mandir

Designs: Corian being therm of or mable (l.e., takes up shapes of different Moulds on heating), takes any form, and gives the freedom to create endless designs. The quirkiest curvy shapes can turn out very well when made from corian. Gumbads or domes on top of mandirs Can be seamlessly designed, and an intensive Jaali work, l.e., perforated and latticed designs with an ornamental pattern, can be easily done on the side walls of the mandir.
Pure White Color : Pure white colour looks divine and very pleasing to the eyes; it symbolizes tranquillity and neatness. However, apart from Corian, no other material gives a 100% white surface. Apart from white, it is also available in various colours and textures, from matte to super glossy. The bright white temple made it stand apart in your home & attracts everyone’s attention, and made them fall for your temple at the very first sight.
Safe to use: it is a non-toxic material and is safe to use. It can with stand heat up to 212°F, above it can harm the surface if prolonged to heat for a longer duration. It is also UV stable if exposed at doors, so does not get affected much by la’s ever-changing Weather.
Durable: Corian is very durable and has a good return on investment. It has an outstanding tenure for which it lasts and doesn’t tarnish even after years of use. Getting buffing done even after years will make Corian shine like new. And so does White Surface provide a ten- year guarantee for witness on the use of 100% Acrylic Solid surface to your temple.
Corian temples work very efficiently for all households. Because of their premium and seamless look, they are suitable to install in offices, homes, etc. If summed up, Corian has all properties for making a good household temple, and it also overcomes the disadvantages posed by other materials like wood and marble. Wood is porous and is not termite-free, while marble does not allow light to pass light through it, and designs can’t be made, like in Corian. Properties like being non-porous, easy to clean, and stain- resistant make Corian very maintenance-friendly.
White Surface, being in the Corian Solid Surface industry for almost a decade, we keep hearing a common complaint from our customers about cleaning the temple cutting area. But that is only because of not cleansing it regularly. Once you leave dust, dirt, and stains to sit in the engraved part for weeks, it will require more effort to clean after months or years, which is similar to any place of the house. That is why we always request our customers to just blow away the dust every week once for long-lasting shine and illumination. Doing so will make your White Surface temple look new. And if you are someone who do not want to clean regularly, then be prepared to clean it even harder in a long run. Or Simply do not purchase Corian temple with lots of jalis and cutting.
Cost: When it comes to cost, wooden temples are generally economical, whereas marble temples come in all the ranges. However, Corian solid surface temples are comparatively expensive, but it brings a lot to the table. The return on investment is worth the one-time investment. Getting a Corian temple is like adding a piece of art into your home.
Its unmatched properties help in designing and lighting ideas, contributes to the aesthetic side of the material, making it the best for temples in a home. Book your White Surface Temple Today from the comfort of your home.
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