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Medication known as carbisoprodol is mostly used as a muscle relaxant to treat pain related to musculoskeletal disorders. Key information regarding carisoprodol is as follows:

Dosage of carisoprodol
Carisoprodol (brand name Soma) dosages are typically customized based on the specific ailment being treated and the patient. Here are some general dose recommendations:
Adult Dosage: Three times a day before bedtime, 250–350 mg is the typical dosage. This corresponds to a dosage of 1000–1400 mg per day.
Side effects of carisoprodol

Muscle relaxant carisoprodol, often marketed under the name Soma, is prescribed to treat musculoskeletal disorders. It can have side effects, just like any other medication. The following are a few typical and possible carisoprodol adverse effects:
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