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The main conditions for which alprazolam is prescribed are panic and anxiety disorders. It falls under the group of drugs known as benzodiazepines, which have a calming effect on the central nervous system (the brain and nerves). It functions by amplifying the physiological effects of GABA, a certain natural neurotransmitter in the body.

Dosage of Alprazolam
Depending on the illness being treated, the patient’s reaction to the drug, and other unique circumstances, different dosages of alprazolam (Xanax) are required. Following your doctor’s instructions and never changing the dosage without first talking to them are very important.
Side Effects of Alprazolam:
Numerous negative effects are possible with alprazolam, or Xanax. While certain individuals might not encounter any negative effects, others might notice more severe or obvious ones. It is imperative that you are informed of these possible adverse effects and that you speak with your healthcare professional if you have any questions.
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