Forge a Path in Civil Engineering

Unlock a world of opportunities in the dynamic field of civil engineering in Raipur. Civil engineering is the backbone of infrastructure development, and Raipur provides the perfect backdrop to embark on this journey.

Discover comprehensive courses, experienced faculty, and real-world projects that will prepare you for a fulfilling career in construction, design, or urban planning. Gain expertise in structural analysis, project management, and sustainable construction practices.

Raipur’s civil engineering programs offer a holistic learning experience, ensuring you’re well-equipped to tackle complex challenges in the field. Whether you aspire to design iconic structures or contribute to sustainable urban development, Raipur’s civil engineering courses provide the knowledge and skills to turn your aspirations into reality.

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MANTH ( KHARORA ), State Highway 9, Raipur Baloda-Bazar Road, Chhattisgarh – 493225 ( Raipur )

Ph: 777 3010 791 / 777 3010 792




493332 Raipur , Chhattisgarh India

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